1 years ago
A few tips for the tagging:

Screenshot -> A screenshot from an episode
Screencap -> A screencap form the internet

Use the "shitposting" tag accordingly.

Peridot with limb enhancers needs to have the tag "limb_enhancers"
Lapis with mirror eyes needs to have the tag "mirror_eyes"

If it's a porn drawing, try to tag the fetishes/kinks.
1 years ago
Human gems
Right now there's two tags for human gems: "Humanized" and "human_au"
I suggest using the first one, as the later it seems to be contained only to the AU of that picture Sugar did.
Also, should we drop the usage of "human_[gem name]" when referring to a certain gem? searing with the two tags "humanized" and "[gem name]" should be enough.
1 years ago
sure seems alright

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